We introduce you the F/W16 lookbook.

Photographer : Andrew Querner 

Art Directer and Styling : Redia Soltis

Model : Jeff Falconer

Assistant : Caine Heintzman







Where are you from ?

I am originally from Rock Springs, Wy.

Where do you live now ?

This past year I moved to Draper Utah.


What do you think are your Career Highlights ?

I have been trying to build a career so that I can have those highlights, which is why is love the opportunity from you guys at Fat Moose.

What is your favorite place to take picture ?

My favorite spot would have to be either downtown Salt Lake or Little Cottonwood Canyon.


What is your tips to take picture? And which camera brand do you use ? 

My tips would be to really get out and have a journey/story with each photo, I use Nikon for my photos.

What is your models (photographer, adventurer..) ? 


Any favorite places to go shopping (online and real shop) ? 

I really enjoy H&M and Jack Threads online.


When did your passion for adventure start ?

I would say I have really just always had a constant nack for seeking out adventure.

Do you have a motto that you apply to your life ?

“I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.” –About Time film (2013).

What are your favorite artists (music, live performances…) ?

I enjoy any artist and live performance I can listen to, I am open to anything.

Where do you usually like to go on adventure ?

I like to go up any of the canyons in the Sandy/Draper area, also American Fork area.


Any favorite places to go skiing ?

I have season passes to Park City resort and love it.

Which sport do you like ? 

My favorites are basketball, skiing, and track.

What are your biggest accomplishments as an adventurer ? 

I would say the friends and memories I have made along with those adventures, which is why I love photos because I can remember them forever.


What do you feel about Fat Moose brand ? 

I think it is a fantastic brand with great products that is just waiting for the opportunity to take off and when it does it could compete with the bigger brands.

Which jacket brand do you like ?


Capture d’écran 2016-02-29 à 18.59.04








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1- Like the Facebook Page

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4) Share it with your friend to have the more likes you can, in order to be the winner

5) Fat Moose selects winners among the 10 entries with the most votes

Good luck everyone !


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I Am Philipp


Where were you born?
I was born in Saas-Grund, Switzerland.

Where do you live now?
Right now, I live in the Upper Valais, Switzerland.



What are your top favorite snowboarding adventures?

My top 4 is:

Philipp Zurbriggen, Snowboarder from Switzerland.

What is your absolute Fat Moose Favorite?
Definitely the Fat Moose Buffalo Plains Jacket    🙂



Can you recall when did you passion for backcountry snowboarding start? 

I was born in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by hundreds of mountains and white gold. My father often took me when I was young into the mountains. We have numerous ski resorts here in our valley, so snowsports are everywhere and always exercised. I participated in snowboarding contests and was given the opportunity to go with professionals to a backcountry-shooting. That pushed me so much that I decided to ride in the backcountry to challenge myself to reach my personal limit with each ride.


What do you think are your Career Highlights?

I would say my career highlights are when I have been featured on professional snowboarders magazines like the ones below!


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 20.54.14




Philipp Zurbriggen Signature