• Where are you from?

I’m from Bontang, east Borneo, Indonesia. Now, I live in Bandung, the capital city of west java region. I am studying here at law faculty, Padjajaran University.

  • What is your favorite place to take picture?

My favorite places to take picture are in the mountains peak and beaches.

  • What are your tips to take picture? And which camera brand do you use?
  1. Hold your camera properly
  2. Shoot first, check later, and don’t miss any special moments,
  3. Sometimes when I want to take some picture of my friends in the wild, I talk with him/her about what gesture I want to capture. For instance, when I want to capture my friend’s smile, I ask him about a good moment a few days ago…
  4. ISO, lighting is everything, so check the camera ISO, always


  • Which camera brand do you use?

I’m using my smartphone, my Ipad mini 2, and Sjcam 5000+.

  • What is your models ?

My model adventurer is Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp. I know there are some bad critics about him, but I really don’t care. I like his independency, his way to survive, and the way he enjoy life and bring happiness to others. Based on the books and the movie.

  • Any favorite places to go shopping (online and real shop)?

My favorite is Eiger Adventure Shop, its local outdoor activities gear shop based in Bandung, its not too expensive but have decent quality.


  • When did your passion for adventure start?

It started when I was 9. My house is located near the beach in Bontang. After school my friend always asked me to play on the beach, until we get bored. Because of that boredom, we began to look for a new playground. There is a residential area located above the sea near the beach that connected to mangrove forest and finally to the river. From that day, we moved to our new playground, the mangrove forest. The favorite thing we like to do here is to catch a water snake, if one of us catch it, then we release it, and so on. The winner is the one who can catch it the most. We get bored easily, and we moved on to the next destination until we reach the jungle where we usually camped, but not as often as we go catching water snake; too many wild boars, baboons, and monkeys.

  • Do you have a motto that you apply to your life?

My motto “because verily, after hardship comes ease” its from one of the Quran verse. It always helps me through difficult times.

  • What are your favorite artists?

I like almost all kind of music: rock, classic rock, punk, folk, jazz, blues, classical, dangdut (Indonesian folk) etc. The most played in my Itunes are: Payung Teduh, Intwine, Float, White Shoes and the couples company, Alter Bridge, Passenger, Eddi Vedder, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Mozart. I recently listened to trampled by turtles; too many to list.


  • Where do you usually like to go on adventure?

Mountains, jungles, beach. For the next destinations I will go to Mt. Semeru, the summit of Java Island.

  • Which sport do you like?

Football, futsal, table tennis, volleyball, softball, skateboarding

  • What are your biggest accomplishments as an adventurer?

There are 7 main islands in Indonesia and I’ve visited 4: Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, and Lesser Sunda Islands


I don’t know anything about Fat Moose before you like my picture, no store in Indonesia. But after I watched the video and catalogue about it, I think I like the style especially the jungle style and the feature of it.

  • Which clothing brand do you like?

Vans for daily shoes, Eiger for outdoor activities (Hardshell jacket, shorts, trekking sandals & shoes), I like any t-shirts brands with nice design, for pants/jeans i like to go to tailor, so no brand.

  • Which jacket brand do you like?

I like Eiger/TNF jacket

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