Where are you from ?

I am from Wolcott, CT. Spent most of my adult life in North Carolina and traveling the world.

Where do you live now ?

I am currently residing in Hamden, CT.


What do you think are your Career Highlights ?

Tough question, I’d have to say traveling to Iceland to shoot a look book and documented the time spent there was a highlight of my livelihood as a photographer.

What is your favorite place to take picture ?

Easy, Iceland. However, as I am located in the states my favorite place would have to be anywhere in the woods. There is something special about disconnecting from everything and plunging into the wilderness.

What is your tips to take picture ? And which camera brand do you use ? 

First of all, learn your camera. Read the instruction manual and practice on multiple subjects before you try to capture the shot that truly counts. Who knows what could happen, you might get that lucky shot while practicing. I am a Canon user. I personally don’t care about falling into the Nikon and Canon debate. Every few years or so the newest models top the competitors. Buy nice glass and don’t stress about the camera body.

Who are your role models (photographer, adventurer) ? 

(I think this question is asking who my role models are.)

The adventurer/photographer named Jimmy Chin and a producer/director named Curt Morgan. These gentlemen have shaped the way I visualize my style of photography and videography.


Any favorite places to go shopping (online and real shop) ? 

I have been lacking in the shopping department because I have a brother who works with a few clothing companies. I always ask him to get me some clothes when he gets a chance. Some of these companies are as follows: Iron and Resin, Poler, REI, and Forgotten Youth Supply.

When did your passion for adventure start ?

Long story short, my childhood summers consisted of camping and spending time in the woods. Fast forward to a year out of high school and I enlisted into the U.S. Marine Corps. My time spent serving my country furthered my desire to travel and discover what this amazing world has to offer.

Do you have a motto that you apply to your life ?

Take it day by day. It is something my mother would tell me when things would get hectic. Turns out her infinite wisdom would help me get to where I am today.

What are your favorite artists (music, live performances…) ? 

You can find a wide variety of music on my iTunes. Mostly consist around as follows: rock, alternative, hardcore, metal, classical, and classic rock. Some of the go to bands and artists are the Foo Fighters, Parkway Drive, Hans Zimmer, Queen, Linkin Park, and M83M83. So many to list but on any given day you can catch me listening to bands listed above.

Where do you usually like to go on adventure ?

Since I live in Connecticut it’s easy to just go anywhere around the state. The weekends I usually take some time to venture around New England.


Any favorite places to go skiing ?

Although I don’t go as often as I would like to I still manage to spend some part of the winter up in Vermont. I usually go to Mount Snow, Okemo Mountain and Killington Mountain.

Which sport do you like ? 

I like all sports and appreciate what each offers but I mostly watch American Football and MMA. Essentially because they are the two sports I excelled in and thoroughly enjoy spectating.

What are your biggest accomplishments as an adventurer ? 

My biggest accomplishment as an adventurer would have to be narrowed down to one specific night in Iceland. After getting lost in the middle of the Highlands of Iceland my brother, along with a friend, witnessed one of the most amazing phenomenon’s of this world, aurora borealis, aka the northern lights. It was so dark that it appeared to light up the night sky like the fourth of July.

What do you feel about Fat Moose brand ? 

I have heard nothing but amazing reviews and kind words about the brand. My brother, the one who has worked with clothing lines, mentioned that Denmark knows what they are doing when it comes to clothing. He confirmed my impression of the company when he attended a trade show in NYC and visited the Fat Moose booth.

Which clothing brand do you like ? 

Brands that have clothes that fit me. I’m 6’1” 230 lbs (185 cm, 104 kg) with an active lifestyle and a lot of time spent in the gym. If the brand is consistent with sizing, then I usually stay with them. Iron and Resin has some of my favorite fitting t-shirts. ( I haven’t worn any shirts from Fat Moose yet)

Which jacket brand do you like ?

Currently I have been using a jacket from Beyond Clothing. They meet my military standard and have produced some amazing (made in the USA) clothing. I have been searching for a new jacket and have had my eye on a specific jacket on the Fat Moose site.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 13.30.45


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FAT MOOSE is an outerwear label founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon. The 3 originally joined forces in 2009, and with know-how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design, they started to make a small number of jackets for themselves each season that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions.

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