Philipp Zurbriggen

I Am Philipp


Where were you born?
I was born in Saas-Grund, Switzerland.

Where do you live now?
Right now, I live in the Upper Valais, Switzerland.



What are your top favorite snowboarding adventures?

My top 4 is:

Philipp Zurbriggen, Snowboarder from Switzerland.

What is your absolute Fat Moose Favorite?
Definitely the Fat Moose Buffalo Plains Jacket    🙂



Can you recall when did you passion for backcountry snowboarding start? 

I was born in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by hundreds of mountains and white gold. My father often took me when I was young into the mountains. We have numerous ski resorts here in our valley, so snowsports are everywhere and always exercised. I participated in snowboarding contests and was given the opportunity to go with professionals to a backcountry-shooting. That pushed me so much that I decided to ride in the backcountry to challenge myself to reach my personal limit with each ride.


What do you think are your Career Highlights?

I would say my career highlights are when I have been featured on professional snowboarders magazines like the ones below!


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 20.54.14




Philipp Zurbriggen Signature

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FAT MOOSE is an outerwear label founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon. The 3 originally joined forces in 2009, and with know-how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design, they started to make a small number of jackets for themselves each season that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions.

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