I Am Alvaro


Where are you from?
I am from Barranquilla, Colombia.                                                                    

Where do you live now?
Right now, I am based in Salt Lake City, UT !

Where did you go for your first adventure trip? 

My first unofficial adventure was a trip to Orderville canyon in Zion National Park. I went with friends, and we really had no idea what we were doing. We had a rope that was the wrong kind and far too long and we had no rappelling experience or safety knowledge…


Kings Peak

Any favorite places to go on adventure? 

I think the places where I had the most fun are:

I Am Alvaro

When did your passion for adventure start?

My adventures became serious when I watched a movie on canyoneering called Gorging.. I was hooked!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.38.23 PM

I began documenting my trips early this year with a series of short trips to Moab, UT.


One last word ? 

..Be adventurous 😉

Alvaro Morales

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FAT MOOSE is an outerwear label founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon. The 3 originally joined forces in 2009, and with know-how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design, they started to make a small number of jackets for themselves each season that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions.

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