WEAREFATMOOSE at McCarren Park – New Yorker Lifestyle Tips

Fat Moose chatted with New Yorkers at McCarren Park to uncover the best of what the city that never sleeps has to offer.


Native New Yorker – Coffee addict

Rock Music Producer  : Chase King 

What’s in his headphones: Everything!

Favorite hangout spot: At home  & McCarren Park 

Go to record shop: Record Grouch

James & Steve

Brothers From Long Island 

Best Music : Everything, especially Rock

Best Place to Chill : Prospect Park

Best Deli: Cooper Grocercy

Best Place to Dance : Berry Park

Konstanti :

Native New Yorker 

Hangout spots: Central Park, Greenpoint, East Village

Favorite Activities : Race Ice-Cream, Biking

Fashion Tips : Online : search on Tumblr arty clothing stuff and buy online

What’s in headphones : Alternative Rock 


Williamsburg – Owner of Grady’s Cold Brew Owner 

Favorite spot to chill: At the apartment; Liberty Park

What’s in his headphones: Anything by a female pop artist. Dave mentions Stevie Nicks – Florence & the Machine – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Stergos & Manuel

Best Tattoo Place: Meattt Tatoo

Best Place to Eat : Tortilleria Mexicana Los HermanosRoberta’s

Best Coffee Place : Gaia Italian Cafe


Brooklyn Bartender

Best Music :Soulection

NYC must go Music Festival : Mystery Land

Go to New Place : The Hole (Great cocktails made by Kazy himself), SouthSide, Dirty Bar, Printuplist


Long Island Native living in Williamsburg

Best place to eat : Burritos at home

What’s in his headphones : Secret Rose

Best Yoga Place: Yoga to the people

Best Clothing Shop : Beacon’s Closet – Ebay – H&M


Brazilian clothing designer living in New York for 2 months

Favorite Places to go: Any park around New York city; adventure seeker

Follow him at @erabrasil and erabrasil.tumblr.com

 Olivier & Olivier 

Best place to eat: Juliette

For Fun: Walking in Bushwick and visit nice bars all around Williamsburg


Justin Echevarria & Andrew Amoroso – Baseball players

Good place to hang out: the piers in Williamsburg: McCarren Park!

Best place to eat: Chicken and Waffles, Pop’s

Best place to play sports: Pier 5 

 Nobert & Robert 

Born and raised in Brooklyn

Best place to brunch and have a drink: Five Leaves

Best steakhouse:  Amber Steakhouse

Best place to play sports: McCarren park has everything: basketball field, swimming pool, handball field, soccer field, football field. But also Renzo Gracie Academy huge place to fight and practice


From New Zealand

Best place to have nachos and beer: Professor Thom’s

Best place to hang out: Indian Larry Motorcycle 

 Seyvon Ondaan

Favourite TV show: Top Gear

Best place to go out: the Barclay’s Center where Seyvon sells ice creams

Best place to chill: McCarren park where he likes to play soccer with friends


The band with no name…

Best place to eat: any Shake Shack

Best place to chill: Transmitter Park near the water in Greenpoint

Best place to take a tea break: Café Mogador

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FAT MOOSE is an outerwear label founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon. The 3 originally joined forces in 2009, and with know-how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design, they started to make a small number of jackets for themselves each season that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions.

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